Gingival Grafting

Gum recession occurs when the gum tissues gradually wear away. This can cause a variety of problems, such as sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures, exposed roots, elongated teeth, and decay below the gumline.

One of the most common causes of gum recession is gum disease. Gum disease is an oral infection of your gum tissues and can cause your gum and bone tissues to break down. Aggressive brushing can also wear away gum tissues due to the excessive force placed on your tissues.

Moderate stages of gum disease are best treated with non-surgical gum therapy, which includes using techniques such as curettage and root-planing to remove tartar and plaque. However, if the gum recession is more severe, gingival grafting surgery may be needed to treat the infected areas and prevent further recession.

Gingival grafting is a surgical procedure that takes tissue from the roof of your mouth and uses it to cover the exposed root surface. This prevents further root exposure and reduces tooth sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures. It also cuts your risks of cavities and improves your smile’s overall appearance.

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